Milling & Turning

With nearly forty years of experience in this industry, you can trust our team of engineers to help you find the proper metal turning process.

At Newport Steel, our engineers are dedicated to providing the highest quality metal milling and metal turning services possible. We believe that every customer should receive parts of the highest standard, on time, and at a competitive price. Our cutting-edge equipment and technology ensure that this is possible. We’re proud of our reputation within the industry for completing projects with minimal scrap, minimal waste, and high precision results at a competitive price. Contact Newport Steel today to discuss your project and needs.

Milling and Turning

Metal turning is an essential industrial process that has been used for centuries to produce metal parts. This simple process can be broken down into three steps: cutting, drilling, and finishing. Many tools can be used to achieve these three steps, but the best one is a milling machine. This powerful tool can have various applications in your manufacturing process, enabling you to develop an efficient and cost-effective metal turning process that will help you get the metal parts you need cheaper and faster.

We have a wide range of services to help you design, create and manufacture your metal product. Our milling machinery uses multiple cutting bits to shape parts into their correct and specified sizes. We also have the machinery capable of turning out metal parts, enabling us to give clean profile cuts to your piece. We can mill and turn metal parts to your specifications using the correct tools. Our machines can perform several cutting operations, including drilling, shaping, and even turning. We have several services for metal material removal, including milling machinery, lathe machinery, and a variety of cutting bits.

Metal Milling Service

Milling or machining is a specific process used to remove portions of the material from a piece of metal. This approach is different from metal cutting because the milling machine uses a multi-toothed bit to extract small fragments of the metal piece by piece at a high-speed rate. With a milling machine that uses a multi-toothed bit, we can drill, bore, create slots and even manufacture metal gears. This process is faster than metal cutting and generally doesn’t need many re-dos due to how technical the milling machine can be, saving you both time and money. Are you in need of a metal machining or metal milling service? At Newport Steel, we can create your metal parts quickly and accurately using our CNC machining tools.

Metal Turning Service

Metal turning is a process used to shape metal parts. The metal piece rotates while a fixed bit removes material from the piece. The original metal object can be turned in many different ways, creating diverse effects and options for you. Standard methods include straight turning, taper turning profiling, and external grooving.

Newport Steel is a leading custom metal turning company. Whether it is a custom metal part, part reclamation project, or complex prototype forging, we have the team and equipment to do it right. With nearly forty years of experience in this industry, you can trust our team of engineers to help you find the proper metal turning process, which can dramatically reduce manufacturing costs, save time, and increase the quality of your metal parts.

Metal Milling and Turning Equipment

Newport Steel uses HAAS and Okuma CNC multi-axis milling and turning machines to produce consistent, high-quality production parts to meet your specific needs. We offer a full range of metalworking machines and services to help you find the solution to your project. Our 12,000rpm milling centers, multi-axis live head lathe, and specialized equipment are specially designed to meet your needs. We use Inventor & AutoCAD to design parts & tooling and GibbsCam for machining these items on our equipment. This technology allows us to supply parts that are ready to be used immediately upon receipt. Our customers are able to save time and money by reducing their manufacturing downtime, making us the most promising option for your needs.

At Newport Steel, we can handle all of your metal turning and machining needs, including providing fast quotes, helping you refine your process, creating a system that will help produce your part, and building the actual part itself. Contact us today for a free quote for your order.

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