Oil Recycling Technology

With 2 models to choose from our processors can handle any task. Unlike other processors there is no need for sorting of the materials that are fed into it, therefore it requires only one operator.


Non Shearing Oil Filter Processors

The Newport Oil Filter Processor will process 7 – 55 gal. drums of used oil filters per hour or 56 drums per 8 hour shift faithfully. This will average 10,000 lbs. of bricks per day. The average  output of oil will vary depending on the feed. 

2 Models Available

Processor Model

Historically the NS2020 will produce 750 gals. of oil per 40 hour week.  Unlike other processors the NS2020 needs no sorting of the materials that are fed into it, therefore it requires only one operator.

The safety features incorporated in this machine guarantee that it cannot mechanically injure itself. If injurious materials enter this machine it will turn itself off, and the appropriate alarm on the control panel will tell you what the problem is.

The entire reciprocating feed travels on two brass shear pins which take approximately 5 minutes to replace. All replacement parts on the NS2020 are (shelf items). The big factor here is, that after years of service the Newport Processor was built to be rebuilt at a low cost.

Feature Highlights
Processor Model

The NS5050 was designed to eliminate the shearing process in oil filter recycling.  Crafted with the same care and attention to detail as our other NS2020 model but with increased volume capabilities, horse power, and volume output, the NS5050 can handle your needs.

The NS5050 requires only a 30 horsepower motor and the cycle time clocks in at 75 seconds.  This model can recyle approximately 18 drums of oil filters per hour and offers a large feed chamber that is able to accept all diesel filters.  

The NS5050 has an 86% volume reduction and non sponging cycle and produces a very dense, very uniform brick with maximum oil removal.

This model comes equipped with a pre-programmed digital soft start, allowing for quick economical installation.

Feature Highlights
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